Monday, April 26, 2010

Did The Small Business Website Really Die?

Going back at least a couple of years now, folks began speculating that the traditional small-to-medium size business website was going to be extinct any day now. The logic was sound: with so many up and coming platforms and directories doing a better and better job of showcasing business information, who would need to waste their time building a website that often couldn't even approach the value that these sometimes free directories could provide?

I talked directly about the importance of businesses making use of these sorts of directories and services in the "Got Business? Get Listed" article, and I will always maintain that a business must find as many outlets for its own web presence as it possibly can. But does this mean the actual business website is useless? Absolutely not.

Potential patrons of any business take it for granted that a business will have its own website on the Internet. It has become much like having a business card. However, unless you have endlessly deep pockets, the days of building a grand and lavish website for a small business are indeed long gone. A business must now be smart enough not to waste money carelessly when building a site.

The key today involves making sure that the website you feel obligated to build provides the very best value for three key parties: your prospects, your budget, and your ability to be found online in the search engines.

Essentially, you have to make sure each of these critical parties gets what they want out of your website. Take care to create content across diverse forms of media, and provide your visitors the ability to engage with you in the manner they desire. Depending on your business type this could mean anything from a video library to a blog, or simply allowing visitors to view and download a pricelist or menu.

Internet users have come to assume a company website represents a critical feature in any business' web presence garden. Make sure you tend to yours appropriately.


  1. Great info! I learn a lot from your post. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I agree, its also a very good way to promote customer testimonials - and brand yourself and your offerings.


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